When pet peeves evolve into something more but don't quite become law, what's left?

They might not have a name, but they hurt us all the same. Here's a list of them, as told by Reddit users.

1. Meetings that should have been an email.

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The same with conference calls.

Having to take a 3 hour train journey so that everyone can read a PowerPoint presentation in the same room is not an efficient use of anyone's time, DAVID.


2. Entering an elevator before people have exited said elevator.

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I work at the hospital where elevators are literally the only method of transport. It’s astonishing that no one can seem to figure out how it works. I’m pushing a human in a wheelchair out, and you’re trying to scoot to the side and squeeze in between us and the door?

Also, people who wait five seconds after the doors open to get out the elevator. Move your butt.


3. Playing music out loud from your phone on the bus.

phone music
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Why would you even do that? The music sounds so much better with a headset.


4. Online recipes prefaced with 7 paragraphs of blogging.

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On one hand: I just want to learn the secret to getting my sourdough to rise.

On the other hand: this woman has just written a 2500-word essay about the cracks appearing in her marriage and I'm really rooting for her now.


5. People stopping for a chat in crowded areas or narrow places.

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And not even moving slightly when you are pretty much pushing them to get through.

And then they look at you like you're the annoying one because you have the nerve to try and get to where you need to go.


6. Radio commercials that play car horns, sirens or crash sounds.

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Why?! Im driving!

To add to this, I was in a hospital waiting room once and an advertisement on the radio/tv loudly played that "bip-bip-beeeeeee..." of a heart monitor flatlining. Awkward.


7. Making articles of clothing with fake pockets.

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Or even pockets that are too shallow. Don’t entice me with a nice functional pocket and then not deliver. Come on. Whoever designs clothing with fake pockets has a ticket to a special place in hell.


8. Old people that can barely drive.

old man driving
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Can't tell you the amount of times I've almost been hit by them because they're just so unaware of their surroundings. Worse than drunk drivers a lot of time but no on will force them to retake drivers test past a certain age because it's political suicide.


9. Super Duper Sets

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People at the gym who bring like 8 different pieces of exercise equipment into an area or squat rack and hog it all for an hour until they're finished. If you ask for a piece they're like "oh no im using that for my ultra-super-duper set". SO frustrating.

I had someone hogging the squat rack while they talked on the phone a few weeks ago. He wasn't doing his exercises while on the phone and when I went up to them asking to use it they shooed me away and said they will be using it shortly.

The bastard. After he was on the phone for 10 more minutes I snuck to the front desk and they told him to get off the phone or go elsewhere. He got off the phone.


10. Customers treating employees like trash.

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It is insane how common it is for customers to scream at people, that already have enough on their plate. Then your company to come around and bend a knee to them and do anything to please them.

I think working at McDonald's has really taught me to always treat people how you would like to be treated.

Customers were so demeaning to me there, and it made me feel so low. So I am always overly nice to cashiers, waiters, etc.


11. People who cut you off and slow down.

Cut off
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Nothing upsets me more when driving than when there is no traffic behind you, and someone cuts you off last minute so they can slow down to 3 MPH to turn/exit the highway/whatever.


12. Asking me questions while I'm using the urinal.

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I work in IT, coworkers see the bathroom as my office.


13. The iPause.

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When people are sitting on their phones at red lights and they're the first car. At least every couple days I have to beep at someone after they are sitting there for 3-5 seconds when the light turns green.

One time I beeped at a woman for doing this and she just started flailing her arms and popping the finger. Kind of felt bad for whoever has to deal with her on a daily basis.


14. Shopping Blockage

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In the grocery store, leaving your shopping cart blocking one side of the aisle while you stand next to it, blocking the other side of the aisle, leisurely considering which box of sugar to select, while oblivious to other shoppers waiting to get by.

Extra time in the stocks if you roll your eyes when someone says, "Excuse me."


15. Cutting in line.

Line cutting
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Although my friends in the UK tell me it gets the death penalty over there...


16. Highway Heresy

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People who speed up when you try to pass them...and then they pass YOU again later...only to slow down again, forcing you to continue the game.

(I consciously, actively maintain a constant speed. A##hole, the reason I caught up with and then passed you in the first place is that I'm driving faster than you are.)


17. Unnecessary Backstory

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My co worker giving 40 minutes of back story for what ends up being about 5 minutes of pertinent conversation.

To those of you who do this, I'm sure you are wonderful and aren't nearly as bad as you think. This is easily one of the worst cases of this I have ever come across. Sometimes, long and detailed stories are interesting! Just so happens my coworker thinks what he/his daughter/his great uncle had for breakfast is pertinent to the story.


18. Walking in a group in public hallways or on sidewalks but all side by side so no one can pass you.

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If we are walking opposite directions, instead of giving them space, I just stop right in my path so they have to move aside to get by or collide with me.


19. Double Trouble.

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Two semi trucks in each lane of the highway side-by-side going the exact same speed.


20. Bad Parenting

kid with ipad
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Parents who allow their child to watch something on their iPad loud at a public diner.


21. I can't hear you

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Not a daily basis, but public speakers who ask "how are you doing?" to a crowd, then do the "I can't hear you!" routine. If it's before noon, they deserve to be shot. No one wants to be there, dimwit, just move on and try to make us interested.


22. Chewing with your mouth open.

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My father in law is the loudest chewer I've ever known, and he moans while he chews. MOANS!! I can barely stand to be in the same room as him if he's even drinking some water.


23. Bringing babies or toddlers to movie theaters.

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Excuse me, are you stabbing your baby? NO! ...Well, could you? I'm trying to watch this movie!


24. Holding your phone like you're about to eat it with the loudspeaker on while talking in public.

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Bonus "Someone needs to hit me hard in the face"-points to you if I catch you complaining about anyone or anything invading your privacy at any other time.


25. Disrecarted

Cart left
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People leaving shopping carts on the parking lot instead of returning them.


26. Spelling my name wrong in emails.

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My name is in my email address. My name is in my signature. In my last email to you I put my name in. Just copy and paste my name rather than making up your own spelling for it


27. The Coupon Hunt

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Spending five minutes at checkout searching for a few $0.25 off coupons that you "swore were in there".


28. Dangerous Kindness

stop sign
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Letting someone go ahead of you at a four way stop when you have the right of way.

I don’t care if you’re trying to be nice. You’re going to cause an accident.


29. Case of the mondays

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One of my managers is this ungodly annoying bubbly lady who greets each employee with with a shrill, ear-splitting "Goooooood MORNINNNNGGG!!" each time they enter the room or when she first arrives in the office.

Someone needs to fine/imprison her.


30. Munchy Mustang

munchy mustang
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Stop eating crisps like a horse that’s been starved for 3 weeks


31. Caller ID spoofing.

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There are very few situations where there's a legitimate need to spoof a number but there's a high burden on law enforcement to prove the illegal uses, so abuses are running rampant.

Under current US law spoofing is illegal only in cases of fraud. The burden is on law enforcement to prove fraud.

The current US law on spoofing was written at a time when fraudulent spoofing was rare, and that law hasn't been updated as times changed.