Heroes do exist in this world. They are not just from works of fiction like Iron Man, Batman or Spider-man. Everyday people can become heroes, just like these men here.

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Being homeless results in a horrible situation many of us are lucky not to think about. One redditor gives us some insight:

"I moved out at 15 and lived near Muskegon, Michigan. Tried to avoid it, but that's where possible jobs and rides were so I went there to better myself. Was homeless for about a year and just couch surfed, stayed with random people or just slept in abandoned buildings or parks. Scariest part was knowing that once the sun started going down, I HAD to lay low and find a place to crash for the night. Walking the streets of Muskegon after dark is awful. Especially when you're young. People tried to rob me, take advantage of me, sell me drugs (which I took) then follow my whereabouts, chase me just for fun. It was awful.

I wouldn't even have anything on me except my clothes and someone would come up with a gun or knife and tell me to give them everything I had. One time when I couldn't give a guy anything, he beat the s!$t out of me just for fun and cut my arm up bad. Worst time of my life."


It does not take much to be a hero. A random act of kindness or just kind gestures make you a hero in our books. When this homeless man received that $100, many viewers thought that he was going to spend it irresponsibly and only for himself. What he actually spends it on is astonishing! Even though he is homeless, he tried to change other peoples lives for the better.

Josh Paler Lin gave a homeless man $100 and proceeded to follow him to see how he would spend the money.

This is a lot like what Josh did for this homeless man. Sure, he gave the money to record and see what the homeless man would do with it, but he genuinely tried to help and change this mans life. These two heroes show that good people still exist in this world.

Source: Inspirational Moment When Homeless Man Spends $100 by JoshPalerLin

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