Education isn't just what we learn in the classroom. Sometimes we just need to use our common sense too. Save yourself the embarresment of looking stupid. Check out below some of the top things that scream you lack knowledge!

Linkedin is no joke.

Man typing
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I used to work with a guy whose LinkedIn profile listed his job title as "Who wtants to know and why?" and his education as "Badass University". I don't think he understood the concept of LinkedIn...


Don't diss books.

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I've no problem with people who don't read books (though you definitely should), but anyone who mocks, degrades or otherwise diminishes the idea of reading books is without question a cretin, of the highest order. Denser than a loaf of bread filled with chewing gum.


Don't always share your opinion.

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I would assume a lot of educated people just don't tell others about their unpopular opinions. I know I have a few I wont share, unless I'm with close company.


Share wisely on social media.

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People look stupid when they share those "only a genius can figure this out" things on social media .


Always hold your ground.

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Being easily influenced/manipulated by others screams uneducated. I used to work at a store that was an experience center for a MLM company and I saw so many people spending money they clearly didn't have on products that were supposedly going to make them a lot of money.


Judge for yourself.

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Making judgements and decisions based on the beliefs of celebrities and the media.


Stay away from pyrimid schemes.

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People lose my respect when they promote Pyramid Scheme stuff on social media.


Hard Knocks isn't a real place.

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When people put that you "graduated from the school of hard knocks" on social media profiles.


Know who your audience is.

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Insulting educated people as if the education itself were a hinderance.


Know your source.

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Blindly sharing things on social media without verifying the accuracy.


Don't feel entitled.

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Using "I'm entitled to my opinion" as a defence in a disagreement or as a way for them to avoid being proved wrong - yes of course you are entitled to your opinion, as I am mine, but it has become a reason for people to say whatever they like even if they are completely uninformed on the subject area.


Evidence is important.

Book and magnifying glass
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When people only care about their personal anecdotal experiences rather than research or professional opinion.


Don't share everything.

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Posting drama on social media. When you have 400+ friends and you are posting drama that is only relevant to 1 or 2 people that's when you know you have zero self awareness.


Know what is good for you (and society).

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Talking about how vaccines are horrible on facebook.


Treat your pets with respect.

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Having unfixed pets and refusing to get them fixed because of the cost but allow the animals to repeatedly get impregnated and then have to feed 10x more animals.


Know the difference between fact and fiction.

Badge saying facts matter
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Reposting something from a satire news site (aka The Onion) and thinking the article is real.


There is no excuse for racism.

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Assuming that because someone has a child of mixed race it allows that person to say/do racist things.


Wait your turn.

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Asking a question and talking over the person giving the answer.


Australia is a real place.

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Thinking that the earth is flat. Or that Australia doesn't exist. I recently watched an interview with flat earthers who were adamant that all the images from the ISS were being faked.


Clean up after yourself.

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Littering. It's plain ignorant.


Respect education.

YouTube video
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Arguing with someone who has worked years to get their degree in that field. While you've watched a few YouTube videos or read something online.


Always show respect.

FaceBook like
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Sharing pictures of abused animals/sick children/Jesus with the caption "I bet I can't even get one like."


Climate change is real.

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When you think that climate change is a hoax made up by the Chinese.


Distrusting modern medicine.

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When they believe in psychics, astrology, and "healing rituals" as reliable medicine.


Always be humble.

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Someone who brags about how smart they are.


Don't make it personal.

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Anyone who insults you instead of addressing the point you are making when trying to have a discussion.


Be open-minded.

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Ridiculing people of differing opinions in an irrelevant way.

e.g., "You don't go to Church; you must be a liberal."


Treat staff with respect.

A server
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Being rude to service/waiting/retail staff.

Not only screams "I'm uneducated," but also "I'm self entitled."


Don't be overly rigid.

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Not being able to change your opinions or understanding of the world. Educated people know things change and get proven wrong all the time so they’re able to change opinions when new information becomes available. Uneducated people will not change their opinions and just scream that the new information must be wrong because it’s not what they thought.


Show empathy.

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Nothing says "I'm uneducated" more than treating people badly if they are different to you in terms of religion, caste, color, ethnicity, gender and economic background.


Enjoy reality TV as entertainment.

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Getting sucked in by reality television as if it's really happening.


Grammar is key.

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Every time I read or hear the word “seen” used improperly, ie. “I seen that” or “I seen him do that.”


Keep it down!

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Being really loud. I don't know why but the less educated a person is, the louder they tend to speak.


Learning is never done.

Book on table

When you are damn sure you have nothing left to learn.


Remember how to spell.

Words on a wall
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Incorrect spelling drives me mad. Your and your'e are not the same thing!


Know your geography.

Map of world
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Saying Crimea is Russian because everyone there speaks Russian.


Understand the law.

Law books
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Demanding we pass a new law for something where that law already exists.

Example: we need a law to correct the wage gap between men and women.

News flash - the Equal Pay Act of 1963, signed into law by JFK, already exists.

So it's a matter of "enforcing" the law, not "making" the law.


Not everything is learnt in the classroom.

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Telling others they are uneducated because they have no formal college degree and looking down on them without knowing who they are or what they know.


English is English.

American Flag
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"Sorry, I only speak American."


Keep it to yourself.

Man spitting
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Spitting everywhere. Yikes.


Be the judge.

Book and pen
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Anything in old English that reads “Only God can judge me”

Everyone can and will judge you now, forever.


Meat ain't everything.

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Saying anything along the lines of "Vegans are going to die of nutrient deficiency."


There are two sides to every story.

Two women
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Self-righteous indignation about the opposite political party.


Understand the odds.

Lotto balls
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Buying lottery tickets multiple times a week.


It's all a conspiracy?

Whisper sign
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People who are so into conspiracy theories. I get there are things kept from us, and I don't have all the answers, but every time I talk to a conspiracy theorist they don't look at any other side of the argument and they think disagreeing with them or questioning them means you are stupid.


Double or nothing.

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Double negatives, if someone states I ain't got nothing, Then you have something.


Who's fault is it?

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Blaming Millennials for everything wrong with our society when most of today's current issues were set in motion by the decisions and actions of previous generations.