Uber drivers are human beings too. They are out there just trying to make a living and provide a service. The way this passenger behaves is completely unacceptable.

Photo by Victor Xok on Unsplash

Uber Drivers have to deal with a mixture of passengers and their experiences can vary from good, to bad, to downright scary and even hilarious.

Drunk passengers for example, are a dime a dozen. One driver writes:

"Very first fare. It was January in West Michigan, I had just bought a new car and it was rear wheel drive.

3 people get in my car, one is very drunk. When I drop them off at their place, the other two can't get the hammered one inside. So I get out of my car, and fireman carry him into the house, all while the other two are laughing and Snapchatting me. When I go to leave, my car is stuck in the snow bank and I can't get out. Luckily, the other two offered to help me out and pushed my car out of the snow bank, and I drove off."


The Thief In Question

This Uber passenger stole money from the driver’s tips jar and ran away. She was caught on camera in the act of doing it and was reported to Uber using dash cam video as proof.

Being a thief is criminal in its own right, but this woman seems to have no shame about it. She doesn't seem to care about her reputation or how her behaviour might result in consequence.

The incident occurred in New York City on August 12, 2017 and shows Uber driver driving around three female passengers, with one of the passengers wearing only a bra. She shamelessly sticks her hand inside the tip box, looks directly at the camera in the car while doing it, takes the cash and runs off.

Understandably, the Uber driver is shocked after his money is stolen, and all the while the thief was showing apparent disregard for the surveillance camera taping her.

This footage clearly shows the moment when this woman reaches out to grab the cash from the tip jar set up on the center console.

Source: Uber Passenger Caught Red Handed Stealing Tips From Driver by ViralHog

The Driver seems unaware until he spots the empty jar after the woman leaves.

This alleged thief was identified as Gabrielle Canales, who calls herself Gabita on social media, after the footage of her stealing cash from driver Mohammed H. Bhuiyan's tip jar went viral.

The driver was too busy to file a police report, but Uber reports that the woman has been banned from ever using the service again.