With so many sad things in the news, it's good to see that some of us still feel optimistic about the world. In fact, people are super excited about the future. Read on to find out why...

Natural energy.

a waterfall
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The plummeting price of solar and wind energy.


Growing our own.

a human body
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That we're almost at the point where we get artificial organs.


More trees.

a handful of chestnuts
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The possible return of the American Chestnut tree. Fast growing, rot resistant and, perhaps most important, it produces enough calories from the nuts to feed a population.


More bees.

a bee
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All seven of my Honeybee colonies are currently surviving the winter, and today they’re bringing in the first pollen of the year.


Medical advancements.

a doctor measuring blood pressure
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Advancements in medicine and gene therapy. The CRISPR technology has me very excited. Also, the James Webb Space Telescope is going to bring about many new discoveries.


We are safe.

a happy child
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The fact that despite the news the world has never been safer or healthier than this and it will likely continue like this.


Cancer is a sign of longevity.

old people on a bench
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This will sound really cold, but a doctor friend once pointed out to me that the rise of cancer deaths in the 20th century is an indicator of the great progress we've made in treating infectious diseases through antibiotics, vaccination and sanitation. People get cancer because they now live long enough to get it.

If you look at the causes of death in the early 20th century, pneumonia, influenza, and tuberculosis were the top killers.


People care.

people hugging
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Mental illness awareness is growing rapidly, and people are more and more willing to assist those in need.


Technology may save us.

energy ball
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Japan just approved a medicine that they claim can cure the flu in one day. The merging of medicine and technology is extremely fascinating. I saw a video of a prototype that was virtual scan of someone's body, inside and out. You could remove organs and see what was under them. If that can catch on it will dramatically help surgeons plan for more successful outcomes.


Improved knowledge.

a motherboard
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Shared collaborative projects like Wikipedia proving that people are inherently good.


Travel is a breeze.

an airplane
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The increasing easiness of travelling anywhere in the world.


So much to discover.

a woman with virtual glasses on
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The world has so much we still don't understand about it. Not to mention what we may find in the stars!


All in a shot.

a petri dish
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Stanford Medicine made the biggest breakthrough in history just last month. They cured 90 out of 90 infected mice with different kinds of cancers with just 1 shot of medicine.


Youth are optomistic.

arrows on a wall
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I am optimistic that the younger generation is more progressive than my father's was.


Space travel is here.

a spaceman
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Commercial Spaceflight - Its literally here right now, but its going to get even cheaper in the future. The next step will be space tourism, but that won't be accessible to the average person for a few decades at least.


Cities in the sky.

a rocket launching
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Space Construction - We've already done this with space stations, but cheaper commercial spaceflight will encourage larger buildings in space. Instead of launching completed modules like we have in the past, we're going to be launching subdivisions of modules that will dwarf even the ISS. I'm incredibly optimistic about whatever happens to be the "next ISS".


Happier countries.

a flower
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Most countries are steadily but surely moving upwards on the Human Development Index. This change isn't very noticeable on a day to day basis, but over the course of decades the world is empirically becoming a better place.


Test tube babies.

test tubes
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I'm three months pregnant after the second round of in vitro fertilisation. The fact that my wife and I are going to have a baby together makes me ridiculously optimistic about our future.


Knowledge of the past.

old books
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Humanity has made more progress towards giving people longer and better quality of life globally in the last 150 years, than has occurred in the rest of human history.


People are less lonely.

people laughing
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The growing research around social isolation. Writers and academics like Brené Brown and Sarah Schulman (and many more) talking about vulnerability and community. I think the more we find places to meet and speak in person, and the more we recognize the limitations of corporatized public spaces (like Facebook, Twitter), the more we can disrupt the polarized political discussions and work together and have tough conversations.


Renewable energy.

wind farm
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Several nations have pledged to move away from fossil fuels toward renewable alternatives.


We are in good hands.

two people hold hands
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My students (I'm a high school teacher). They recognize that caring for others is a fundamental component of being part of a community. Our future is in good hands.


Online education.

woman online
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I’m really loving the amount of free (or highly affordable) online education available.

Universities like Yale, Harvard and many more make full online courses available online for free complete with notes, quizzes and complimentary readings. I remember I took a course where you could select a 360 view of the classroom setting.

Then there’s Udemy, Khan Academy, YouTube channels like ExcelIsFun or CrashCourse, even Vox and about a million more sources that provide so much high quality, engaging content on every topic imaginable. For some reason it makes me feel hopeful about us all.


Driverless cars.

a car door
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Electric Vehicles and driverless cars, which means cleaner, safer mobility for everyone.


Less suffering.

a yellow flower
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Human suffering is slowly but surely being reduced as we progress through time. We just have to focus on keeping that up.


Good people.

woman in yoga pose
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I work in a grocery store. On almost a weekly basis someone turns in a full wallet or credit card or even a purse filled with someone’s valuables, found in the parking lot or bathroom or something, and every time it gives me just a little reminder that most people are good. The overwhelming majority are good. We get so hung up on the 1 or 2% that are horrible that we forget that decency is actually alive & well.



two kids arm in arm
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I'm a millennial, and it seems like a lot of our generation works retail or some other low-paying job that has somewhat high amounts of stress. This results in most of us having empathy for other people in positions like these-- and I see that we try to treat service workers and ultimately other human beings as such.



many hands in a circle
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We've come along way in empowering people of all walks of life, we still have a ways to go, but we've come along way just in the last half century, I'd like to think that despite some hurdles we'll continue to move forward as humans.


Global connnections.

wifi sign
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Globally people are more connected than ever and we're only beginning to see what that will accomplish as it becomes easier and easier for people to connect/stay connected.


3D printers.

3d printed head
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The rapid advancements in technology and engineering that will reduce cost, waste and improve efficiency of solving world problems like hunger, homelessness and healthcare. 3D printing definitely seems like a step in solving some of these hurdles.


Incredible people.

space x
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SpaceX and Elon Musk!


Alien life.

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The possiblity that in my lifetime, aliens will be discovered.



a sign that says the same for everyone
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People getting more involved into the world around them while at the same time being far more knowledgeable than those who have come before.

The world itself becoming more peaceful and advanced while also giving others the ability to discover new ideas and points of view at the same time from nearly anywhere in the world instantly.

Equality has grown like no other point in history while also being able to focus on character over other factors in someone’s life.



an arm with the world tattooed on it
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More diverse representation in media.


Media has power.

a work meeting
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How quickly teenagers can use social media to gather together and stand up for what they believe in. That there are teenagers willing to put themselves at risk and step up and speak out about what matters to them, making a massive impact where all of us adults couldn't/didn't.


A possible cure for diabetes.

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Type 1 Diabetes will probably be cured in my lifetime. It's a running joke in the Diabetic online community that a cure is always "just 10 years away" but given the multiple promising avenues being explored, I'm still optimistic.

This picture gets even more optimistic when you realize that less than 100 years ago, it was an automatic and mysterious death sentence, and even more optimistic when you look at treatment now versus 30 years ago.


Stem cells.

a microscope
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I read about stem cells being used in dentistry recently. I can't find the video showing a successful test but it seems like straight up magic. The video was of a successful test in which the human subject regrew a new tooth in 6 weeks.

Regrowing teeth will obliterate orthidontistry. Not to mention no dentures ever in the future. And that should open the door for other things like regrowing other bones with stem cells.


Decreases and increases.

child reading
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Poverty levels are decreasing, literacy is increasing, and so are the number of children bieng vaccinated.


Clean air and free transport.

people on a bus
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Germany is planning to ban diesel vehicles in certain cities, plus they are also playing with the idea of making public transport free for everyone.